Cauld Kail an Custard

Cauld kail an custard,

Grannie’s awfie flustered;

stovies noo, in bramble stew,

dinna ken whit A can do;

A’m fit tae boak, A’m no that weel,

she’s bilin mince wi aipple peel;

tatties next, champit in jeelie‒“


Haud yer weesht, she’s ninety-three!”

A Glossary of Scottish Words:

kail: cabbage

awfie: rather

stovies: potatoes baked with leftover scraps of meat and gravy

bramble: blackberry

dinna ken: don’t know

fit tae boak: feeling nauseous

tatties: potatoes

champit: mashed

jeelie: jam

haud yer weesht: shut up

Previously Published at Drigible Balloon