Creek Days

I pull off my sneakers and socks

Before wading into the murky creek


My feet sink deep into the mud

Which squishes between my toes


In the distance, I see a red-eared slider

Sitting on an old, partially submerged log


A great blue heron stands on the bank

And watches the water, hunting for a snack


As a school of bluegill darts around my legs

Taking little nips at the freckles on my knees


High above, the sun hangs like a giant lemon

That drips heat and light on everything below


I splash cool water on my face and chest

To wash away the beads of sticky sweat


For a moment, I think I could stay forever

Until I hear my grandmother calling my name


Through an open window in her kitchen

Saying its time to come home and eat lunch


Shaun Jex

Shaun Jex is a writer living in Oklahoma with his wife and children. His poetry has appeared in publications such as Dirigible Balloon, Parakeet Magazine, and The Caterpillar Magazine.