Dad’s Feet

Why do dad’s feet smell like cheese?

Perhaps he’s got some nasty disease,

His elbows smell lovely, and so do his knees,

It’s only his feet that smell like cheese!


Why are Dad’s ears so full of hair?

What on earth is it doing in there,

It’s not as if he’s got any to spare,

It’s on his head he needs the hair!


Why is Daddy’s beard so rough?

It’s like it’s made of wire and stuff,

One little kiss is more than enough,

When his big beard is so tickly and tough!


Why is Dad’s lap so snuggly and soft?

Why does he grin when he’s meant to be cross?

Why is he there whenever I’m lost,

When hugs are required, and tears to be mopped?

Oh well, I s’pose my Dad is quite sweet;

But I wish he’d do something about his feet!