Four Seasons of Fun

Winter brings little boots crunching on snow,

Collecting and scooping carefully into balls,

The frosty snowman is starting to grow,

Packed tightly to make sure he does not fall.


Spring blossoms with fresh flowers from buds,

Colors change from rich tones to pastels,

Bright sunflowers full of bees that buzz,

Various creatures hatch from shells.


Summer swells with heat and storms,

Pool and beach trips cool the skin,

Swimming and splashing all day is the norm,

In the water so long, I may have grown a fin!


Autumn arrives and rake vibrant leaves into piles,

Excitedly jump head first into crisp mounds,

Feels like I could sink down for miles,

Watch the velvety hues fall to the ground.


Nature plays a variety of games,

Weather changes soothe the soul,

Joy in different environments is all the same,

Four seasons of fun is always the goal.


Stephanie Henson

Stephanie lives in Southeastern, PA and currently pursuing a certificate in publishing and professional writing. She has marketing background, and writing is a passion for her. Stephanie has many works published; her stories and poems can be found on The Dirigible Balloon and Parakeet Magazine.