In a Book

In a book, I can become-

A famous athlete who’s number one.


In a book, I can see-

Tales of tiny bird families in a tree.


In a book, I can read-

Stories about superheroes who do good deeds.


In a book, I can pretend-

To have a brand new furry friend.


In a book, I can trust-

Fairy tales and magic dust.


In a book, I can escape-

In different scenes that take shape.


In a book, I can run-

Twist, tumble, and have some fun.


And in a book, I can believe-

That I can do anything I want to achieve.


Stephanie Henson

Stephanie lives in Southeastern, PA and currently pursuing a certificate in publishing and professional writing. She has marketing background, and writing is a passion for her. Stephanie has many works published; her stories and poems can be found on The Dirigible Balloon and Parakeet Magazine.