Lion is such a pussy cat,

He likes to read and idle chat.

Try to goad him he won’t even frown –

He’ll take any insults lion down.

Tickle his tum and stroke his mane,

Whisper sweet nothings again and again,

But keep away from the end which has jaws

And steer clear of those finely honed claws.

Finally …..

Be on your guard if he’s salivating –

It is the next meal he’s anticipating!


Linda Hibbin

Linda Hibbin is a septuagenarian, living in Essex with a domineering pooch called Poppy. Linda is a mosaic artist but needing a new challenge in 2020, joined online creative writing courses. She enjoys writing humorous stories and comical observations of herself, and people she knows, and Poppy often wriggle into Linda’s tales. She also likes to touch the reader's heart with more serious tales. Her work has been published by Dreich Mag, Potato Soup Journal, Glitterary Literary,and Writefluence and reached the finals of Wow! Women in Writing and the Wells Festival of Literature 2022.