Racoon Honeymoon

At twilight, a racoon honeymoon

is bathed in silver— from the side


of your eye, heaps of trash make

immaculate dunes—an altar raised


to the moon in offering for a dry

June. From overgrown shell, a snail


toddles— is late bearing rings

for the couple who patiently wait.


As fireflies spark kindling to a

grey-blue sky, a pair of deer rub


noses, smelling nuptials as they

blow in gentle puffs to say hello.


When at once these two are one,

their fingers interlaced, a warm


breeze sets flowers wild, bobbing

as moths place tiny blooms


to crown these wedded racoons.

Approving crickets chirp—


their wings all flap and clapping

lend percussion to greyish loons—


A serenade on the lagoon.