Rumours of Ducklings

I saw you late morning when

We’d almost given up the search.

Yesterday’s crumbs were re-forming into bread

In my disappointed pockets,


But your shadow-soft-wing spread

that little too far…

Hiding treasure?

The river wouldn’t tell.


We waited, caught by your stillness until

A promising quiver saw the smallest

First-day-beak peak out

Into the early Autumn air.

A brief dare, and then – BACK-

Your protective wing whispering promises

Of tomorrows to all those precious ducklings

At home,

in your care.


Rhiannon Oliver

Rhiannon Oliver is an actress, poet and workshop leader. As an actress she has performed with companies such as The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, National Theatre of Wales, BBC and Sky. Her children’s poetry features, or is forthcoming, in The Dirigible Balloon, Northern Gravy, Paperbound Magazine, Little Thoughts Press and Launchpad Magazine. She works for Interact Stroke Support performing stories, poems and songs to support stroke recovery and runs Story and Song sessions for young children through the medium of Welsh.