School Birds

English would be a loud parrot

Screeching words at an empty page.


Maths would be a wise owl

Concentrating at every stage.


French would be an elegant swift

Darting and weaving and never still.


Science would be something stuffed,

Unidentified, with a broken bill.


Scripture would be a gentle dove

Sent from the ark to show God’s love.


History an old crow,

A dusty relic of long ago.


Geography would be paradise creatures

Flying west to find uncharted features.


Latin, a bird with a cobwebbed head

With its feet in the air, dead.


Music would be the chorus at dawn,

Art a peacock on a sculptured lawn.


Computers a flying machine that sings,

Technology Icarus with prototype wings.


But these made up birds are only a fable

Feeding at their very own bird time table.