Snore for Sure

Surely I do not snore!

I don’t know what you heard.

Listened to it through my door?

That is completely absurd!


I sleep like a log,

Heavy and sound.

Maybe it was the dog,

Tossing and turning around.


Breathe in and out in song,

Soothing melodies rhythmically play.

You could not be more wrong,

There is no way I’m as loud as you say.


Out of deep sleep, woke up to a noise.

Whatever could that be?

Snorting & rattling coming from my nose,

Oh no, I guess it was really me!


Stephanie Henson

Stephanie lives in Southeastern, PA and currently pursuing a certificate in publishing and professional writing. She has marketing background, and writing is a passion for her. Stephanie has many works published; her stories and poems can be found on The Dirigible Balloon and Parakeet Magazine.