BUZGAGA seeks submissions all year long and accepts reprint.

When the work owners (author, poet, illustrator, etc.) submit to us, they retain the copyright of their works on the understanding that they give us the permission to archive and publish (in online and print formats) their works.   

All submissions are automatically considered for further anthology or short collections and should be sent as an e-mail to editor@buzgaga.com 

Write “**category – Submission”

in the subject line of the mail.

In the body of the mail;

– Indicate age group that the work fit in

(for written works),

(4+ Group)  –   (7+ Group)

– Add a short Biography of you

– Add social media handles (if applicable)

– Add website adress (if applicable)


Buzgaga accepts Short Fiction to publish on "BOM"


Up to 1500 words


- Indicate age group that the work fit in

4+ Group / 7+ Group


Buzgaga accepts Poetry to publish on "BOM"


Up to 8 Stanza with no more than 48 lines


- Indicate age group that the work fit in

4+ Group / 7+ Group


Buzgaga seeks Artwork of kids to publish on upcoming "Kids' Art Corner" section.


Buzgaga also seeks Artwork from adults and kids that depicts stories or poems from "BOM" section


Artwork submissions must be sent via Artwork Submission Form below

Artwork Submission Form

*  You should submit a new form for each piece!