Sun Joy

I am joyful as a fat, wet blueberry,

salt on my lips like an ocean dried

overnight and Summer— whose

thaw is like a thousand dragons

whispering in hot little puffs,


the sun is shining.


Jess L. Parker

Jess L Parker [she/her/hers] is a poet and strategist originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Jess lives in Fitchburg, WI with her husband, 18-month-old son, and Pitbull, “Poe”. Her debut poetry collection, Star Things, is winner of the 2020 Dynamo Verlag Book Prize. Jess’ poems have appeared in Bramble, Kosmos Quarterly, Blue Heron Review, and elsewhere. Jess holds a B.A. of English and Spanish from Northern Michigan University, an M.A. of Spanish Literature from UW-Madison, and an MBA from Concordia University.