Some say that it cannot be done,

It’s impossible for children to fly,

But those people who say that it can’t be done

Have not seen me take to the sky!


They’ve not seen me soar on the silvery swing

That cuts through the air all around,

That whips me up high with a whoop and a whoosh

And whizzes me miles from the ground.


They’ve not seen the slide that drops like a stone

Thrown from the tallest of towers,

That speeds me on down with a skid and a swish

Supercharged with slide flying powers.


They’re not seen me whirl on the red roundabout

That spins at a speed that’s quite frightening,

That dizzies my stomach in circling swirls

And makes me move faster than lightning.


If you think folk only fly in their dreams,

In their beds, in the depths of the dark,

Then open your eyes and open your heart

And take a quick trip to the park!