Trains, Trains … and Lots MoreTrains!

Thomas the engine driver can be quite a bore.

He can go on, and on, and on a bit more

About the engines he’s driven, locomotives and steam,

And all the wonderful tracks he has seen.

He has sat at the controls of a Swiss funicular –

A mountain-climbing train that interested him, in particular.

He has driven Intercity, commuter and high speed,

But the most spectacular, everyone has agreed,

And the one that is most certain to impress

Is, of course, the famous Orient Express!


He knows the history of rail transport from A to Zee,

And can recite every train timetable, and would you believe

He has thousands of ticket stubs filed in alphabetical order,

Books about train journeys here and abroad,

Recordings of train noises he impersonates well,

Models and photos of locomotive bells,

Whistles, flags … so many memorabilia

That folks rudely call paraphernalia!


Guess which engine Thomas loves the best?

It’s Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, I’m blessed!

The story was first read to him by his mama

‘Cos his pa was an engine driver, as was his grandpa.

They wanted Thomas to carry on the tradition

And it wasn’t long before he had a vision

Of himself in the cab, standing on the footplate,

Propelling an engine across the landscape.


Now this is top secret. Do NOT tell a soul.

Thomas would be mortified if his mates knew

He owns all the books about the Engine called Thomas,

Knows all the characters, their names and colours,

And when he’s tucked up in bed with a cup of cocoa,

He’s reading the tales about the little blue loco!


Linda Hibbin

Linda Hibbin is a septuagenarian, living in Essex with a domineering pooch called Poppy. Linda is a mosaic artist but needing a new challenge in 2020, joined online creative writing courses. She enjoys writing humorous stories and comical observations of herself, and people she knows, and Poppy often wriggle into Linda’s tales. She also likes to touch the reader's heart with more serious tales. Her work has been published by Dreich Mag, Potato Soup Journal, Glitterary Literary,and Writefluence and reached the finals of Wow! Women in Writing and the Wells Festival of Literature 2022.